What is RoughDraftPro?

RoughDraftPro combines cutting-edge AI technology with best-in-class services to allow brands, manufacturers, retailers, and distributors to generate high-quality long-form product content at extraordinary speeds.

Technology Overview

RoughDraftPro combines the power of product information management and workflows with powerful prompt models (interations with AI technologies like GPT-4 from OpenAI) to create a consistent and accurate flow of information through your product catalog.

Trust us - this is one of those technologies you just have to see to believe.

Services Overview

Sitation's services are paired with the power of our RoughDraftPro AI technologies to help our customers craft an approach that meets their unique objectives.

Every aspect of the service is customizable, including the type of output, the tone of voice, and what information is provided to the tools to generate your product data.

Getting Started

Getting started with RoughDraftPro is easy. Just click on the button below to register with us, and we will be in touch for a free consultation to discuss your needs and help you get started.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How much does RoughDraftPro cost?

Due to the complexity of setup and the uniqueness of each customer, currently RoughDraftPro is quote-based. More information is available on the pricing page.

Is there a "do it yourself" model available?

RoughDraftPro is currently offered as a managed service. We plan to offer self-service options in the near future.

Can't I just do it myself with ChatGPT?

You can try! But you will quickly find that chat models, while extremely impressive, require a lot of effort to get consistent results. And even if you're successful in generating content you like, you still need to get the data out and into a system of record. Our approach with RoughDraftPro is different because we've built the technology and the workflow to enable production pipelines suitable for a large catalog.

How much content can be created with RoughDraftPro?

An established customer can expect throughput of up to 1,000 products per day using the latest version of our technology. Compare that output to the capabilities of a human copywriter and you'll see the difference RoughDraftPro can make!

Can you generate product images and other digital assets as well?

Currently we are limiting our scope to written product content, including descriptions, bullets, and HTML output. However, we are experimenting with image creation as part of thes workflows as well! We will make announcements as new capabilities are made available to our customers.